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When were you born?
I was welcomed to the world on my mother's birthday (January 5th) in the era of Ronald Reagan, the King of Pop, big hair and shoulder pads. That's right, I'm referring to the 80s... I'll let you guess the exact year.  

That means you're an adult.  Why do you write teen fiction?
The whole "adult" claim is debatable. I'm still eighteen in my head. I vividly remember the feelings and thoughts that I had in high school. Although I enjoy writing many different genres for various age groups, my writing voice naturally gravitates to those feelings of exaggerated highs and lows that I remember so clearly from my teen years. 

What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of writing?
Favorite: The best part is being able to retreat and travel into my imagination. It’s like the keyboard is my passport, the computer screen is my form of transportation, my brain is my suitcase, and the story is my destination.
Least Favorite: Revisions and editing can be tricky. It's sometimes easy to overlook mistakes that I normally wouldn't when I'm so close to the story and am reading it the way I meant to write it, rather than with an impartial editorial eye. That's just one of the many reasons why editors are so valuable in the publication process.

Where do you get your story ideas from?
All of my ideas are derived from a curious place otherwise known as my imagination. They can be triggered by anything, or nothing at all, at any given time. I typically start with a plot idea, title, character, problem, or some other random aspect of a potential book, and then I work the idea spark(s) through what-if scenarios to prompt the storyline and characters to evolve. 

What inspired you to write The Lipstick Laws?
My goal was to write a fun, humorous story about the ups and downs of social hierarchies in high school.  I also wanted to delve into social bullying and body image issues within the plot. Some drama, revenge and embarrassing moments were added, and April's story was the result. 

Is April's character based on you or your life?
Although April and I have some similarities, the major one being that we both have naturally curly hair (as evidenced in this poodle-esque picture of me at fourteen), April's character and story aren't based on me or my life at all. 

Were any parts of the book inspired by real life experiences or people?
The Lipstick Laws is purely fictional, but some minor aspects of it were loosely inspired by real life experiences, characteristics in people I've known, or places that are familiar to me. For instance, even though the town and high school in the story are fictional, they are set around my hometown area. I frequented the same mall that appears in the book as a teen... so that's a little slice of my own teenage life that was scooped up and served in the story.

Will there be a sequel? 
At this point, the possibility of a sequel is up in the air. I have some ideas brewing, but am currently working on a non-sequel related project.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
I sure do! Write what you enjoy, not necessarily what’s popular. As long as you’re entertained by and passionate about your story, it will most likely find an audience. If it doesn't, at least you had fun writing it.  On the other hand, if what you love to write happens to be popular, that's a wonderful bonus.

Can you help me get published?
If I had a direct map to destination publication, I'd be very lucky (and rich). Unfortunately, there's no foolproof publishing route, and everyone has to find his or her own path. So, I can't help you get published, but I can definitely give you some helpful tips:

  1. Practice writing every day to hone your craft and writing voice.
  2. Read the genre that you want to write. 
  3. Study the publishing market. Make sure you know where, when and how to send submissions correctly.
  4. Network! Network! Network! The magical properties of networking might help you get out of the dreaded slush pile.
  5. Never give up! Patience, perseverance and determination pay off in this industry.

Do you have anything else you want to add?
Yes! Thank you so much for stopping by my site! Make sure to check out my contact page if you'd like to get in touch with me about my book.