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I was born and raised in Upstate New York, the home of the Finger Lakes Region, Kodak, snowpalooza winters, and the best grape pies you'll ever eat (thanks to the Grape Festival). The youngest of three, I established my place in my family as the "artsy" one early on.

My love of all things creative swiftly translated to an infatuation with books and the written word. Often dreaming of seeing my picture on the back of a book someday, I began writing and illustrating my own stories and poems at six years old, followed by my first chapter book written in third grade. I took up non-fiction writing by funneling the awkwardness of my middle school years into the safe confines of my locked diary. By high school, I was writing angst-ridden poetry that would be fully deserving of an Emo-rific award in today's time. Apart from my undergrad years, when I traded in fiction reading and writing for psychology books and papers written in APA style, creative writing has always been an essential part of my daily life. 

Since graduating college with a degree in psychology and a minor in sociology, I've worked in the early education, social service, and freelance writing and design fields. After some career soul-searching, resulting in my desire to pursue my love of writing professionally, I've captured the writing dream I've had since childhood. Today, I reside in the Philadelphia area with my furry pets. No, I'm not a crazy cat lady... yes, I'm a huge animal lover. 

Ten random facts that may surprise, confuse or amuse:
1) Chocolate solves all of my problems by relocating them to my thighs.
2) I think the Chi hair straightening iron is the best invention since air conditioning and Scrabble.
3) Story goes that Henry the VIII killed off my relative who was a rival for the throne.  Had he lived to wear the crown, I would have been royalty.  Oh well, I can still wear a tiara, right?  
4) In college, I was in two honors fraternities (Psi Chi and Order of Omega) and a social sorority (Alpha Sigma Alpha), blending both the academic and social worlds.   
5) I was clinically obsessed with grunge music and its various lead singers as an early teen when the flannel wearing genre was at its peak. 
6) Black pants are my fashion staple.  I have enough pairs to dress a small village.
7)  I'm a certified night owl.  I have a night owling license.
8) When I turned eighteen, I celebrated (and shocked my parents) with the rash addition of an eyebrow ring. I have the scar and pictures to prove a strange tweezing/sneezing reflex.
9) Germs freak me out, but Microbiology was one of my favorite college courses.
10) I love laugh out loud silliness...especially from my SNL favorites, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, and the late but great Chris Farley.

I'm a fan of:
Pop Culture
Creative Arts
Chick Lit
Adopting Shelter Animals

I'm not a fan of:
Mean People
Socks with Sandals
Grammar Crimes
Pimentos in Olives
Tomatoes (but I love tomato sauce...strange, I know)